Prep day

Logistical cluster today. Run bag drop-off and athlete meeting in one spot (and getting timing chip that I didn't get yesterday). Then drive for 40 to drop off bike.

Won't be able to use special needs bags. The only time to drop them off is race day morning at T2. That's a 40 min drive from the start. It would take me 1.30 to drive there to drop bag and then drive to start. So hopefully I'll be alright with just the standard stuff.

Swim course looks cool. 2 loops and under a bridge. Water temp today was just above wetsuit legal (77F today). Meaning one could wear a wetsuit but would not be eligible for awards or Kona slot.
Will be kind of a steep run up a hill to T1.
It will for sure be hot AF all day tomorrow. Start is early, 6.10 am so that helps some but it will be a really really tough day.

I'm 1328, follow tomorrow here


Swimming under and biking over.

Bike racked. It'll be about 100F here today so tires are significantly deflated.


It’s getting real

#IMSantaRosa #IronMan #triathlon

This place will work for a few days

Rented a house in Healdsburg for the race. Fam will be able to enjoy the pool while I'm out enjoying the sun and hot weather.

Out very own bocce ball court.

Napa to Sonoma 1/2 marathon 


57 seconds slower than my PR. Went out way too hard with the 1.30 pace group. Was able to hang with them until mile 6. Then pretty much crashed and struggled after that. 

15/180 in my age group. 77/3074 overall. 

No PR but still pretty happy with the result. No tapering leading up to the race and I had a 100+ mile bike ride an 9.5+9.5 mile run in the legs. It ended up being a really good last workout before starting the real tapering. 

Legs are a little bit sore but not too bad. Nothing a recovery swim and a massage tomorrow can’t fix. 

Escape from Alcatraz packet pickup

In the never ending line of the cluster that is the packet pickup for Escape from Alcatraz. Same thing. Every year. Worst race packet pickup known to mankind. 

At least it’s not raining. It is however windy AF so that should make for an interesting swim tomorrow. 

Weapon of choice for Escape from Alcatraz

There will be a lot of climbing and technical turns so I’ve decided to use the road bike instead of the TT bike for this race. 

Just got the Zipp wheels on for some extra speed. 

Now if this cold would give in I’m ready to go on Sunday. 

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