Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon – Race report


Ok, ok, its been a long time since I posted anything. So now that I’m back targeting another IronMan lets pick this up again. Won’t promise there will be a lot of posts but I’ll do my best.

I have a couple of races planned for this year. Escape from Alcatraz was the first, then the Napa to Sonoma 1/2 marathon and after that the Santa Rosa IronMan.

However I started to get a bit stressed out about starting of the season with Escape from Alcatraz and the long swim that that entails. So I kind of last minute decided to sign up for Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon.

Got up at 3.50am because one of the kiddos woke up and then made the 1h15 drive down to Morgan Hill. Parked on a field, picked up start package, set up transition. The usual stuff. Did a short warm-up run and got into the wetsuite. Did a few minute warm-up swim in the lake, water was really comfortable.

Swim 3/4 mile / 1320 yd / 1207 m – 23m54s

Positioned myself kind of sort of in the front. Thats unusual but I did. Started of pretty good and for ones I was actually able to draft of off some people and thats unusual for me. The swim course basically looped an island so that was pretty cool. We still had to actually navigate around buoys.

From my own perspective I had a really good swim. Navigation was good, I was able to draft and I felt like I kept a pretty good pace. I did get pretty tiered towards the end but thats because I hadn’t swam much leading up to the race. That needs to change.

Out of the water I had an ok T1. Not great, just ok. Had a bit of a hard time getting the wetsuite off  but other than that ok.

Bike 16 miles / 25.7 km – 46m51s

As usual I started pushing pretty hard out of the gate on the bike. With a short bike course I figured I had to move fast early and keep pushing. I passed a lot of people early and was only passed by a few guys throughout the whole bike course.

I read somewhere that the bike course would be technical. Ehh quite the opposite. Flat, not that many turns and easy riding.

I think I made up good time. I could have probably pushed harder on the bike as usual.

Run 5 miles / 8 km -34m57s

Ok, this is one of the fastest runs I’ve had in a tri. Seriously, a sub 7 min/mile (6.59 m/mile / 4.09 m/km), thats fast for me. I felt good out of T2 and kept going. Had my target on a few guys early on and passed them easily. Felt good and just kept going. Got to the turnaround point and the second half honestly got kind of boring. There weren’t many people around me although I did meet a lot of people. Got some extra energy when people shouted out kudos on the Wattie Ink. kit. So that was nice. Managed to pass a guy towards the end and then another guy passed me with just a couple of minutes left. he was fast, I talked to him after, ran close to a 31 for a 5 miler.

I’m super stoked about my performance on the run. I pushed hard but in the end I am not training for a sprint. I am training for an IronMan. Getting this kind of result out of this race was a huge confidence booster and a validation that some of the training is actually working.




Finished 4th out of 45 in my age group, 33/517 overall. Annoyingly just out of the (AG) podium but I had about 90 seconds up to the podium. Its easy to look at everything after the fact and think that I could have saved a few sec here and/or there. It’s a moot point. I didn’t train for this race. It was a race-training-session and I performed well. It was fun and I’m super happy about the results. I even qualified for the US nationals in Omaha, NE. I’m not going, it’s Omaha, NE.

It was a really good practice race. It’s always good to get some practice racing. I feel much more confident for Escape from Alcatraz on June 11. See you then, or maybe before if I get around to writing a post…


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