Racing this weekend

On Sunday I am racing IronMan 70.3 Vineman in Guerneville, CA. The 70.3 notes the total distance of 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run and is considered a half IronMan (obviously since its half the distance of a full IronMan).

Preparations have been pretty good. I’ve been able to get some pretty good sessions in since the last race, Escape form Alcatraz. However the clock is ticking and IronMan Sweden is coming up very soon and I have been trying to focus on longer sessions for all 3 sports. So with that some of the speed might be affected. As if I’ve ever been all that fast anyways…

This is the second of 3 races that I am planning to do this year and I’m petty excited about it. Escape from Alcatraz was a bucket list race and so is Vineman. Its the 25th year that he race is held and its famous amongst triathletes.

I will definitely push my hardest but the bigger goal this year is IronMan Sweden for sure. So in some ways, this is a “training” race. I have tapered a little bit but did a 90 mile ride this past Monday for example and have been training throughout this entire week. No real hard training but also not really full tapering, so somewhere in between. I do feel like I am in pretty good shape at the moment so should be interesting and fun.

In addition to the race this is also our anniversary weekend (5th). So will head up Friday and enjoy a nice dinner. Rented a house in Sebastopol and will be spending the weekend without the crazy little 2 year old we have at home. We will miss him for sure but will also make for a more relaxing weekend, at least until Sunday.

Supposedly there will be athlete tracking on In case that will be up and running and actually working my start number is 2250. I start in the 3rd from last start group so wont be at it until 8.20 am PST.

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One thought on “Racing this weekend

  1. Eva iggbom says:

    Lycka till, hoppas du får en bra dag.

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