Running Magnolia Road outside of Boulder CO

On my way to Leadville for the LT100 MTB race I am stopping by Boulder. I have always wanted to visit Boulder as I’ve heard so many good things about this place so figured this would be a good time to visit since I’m in the area and also because there is a lot more to do here compared to spending all my time in Leadville. In addition I can still get some benefits from spending some time at altitude even if Boulder is only at about 6,000ft and Leadville at 10,100ft.

Got in on the later side last night but decided to immediately head out to Magnolia Road for a run. This is about a 20 min drive outside of Boulder. Its been made famous by the book ‘Running with the Buffaloes’. It’s an extremely windy paved road that climbs from 6,000ft up to 8,000 ft where it somewhat flattens out and turns into a gravel road. Beautiful scenery, fresh air and all-in-all one of the best runs.

I parked where the paved part ended and did about 3 miles out and back.









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One thought on “Running Magnolia Road outside of Boulder CO

  1. Eva says:

    Fina bilder och vilket vackert namn, Magnoli väg! Lycka till i morgon.

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