Team Zoot 2014

I am very excited and very honored to be a part of Team Zoot in NorCal for 2014. I’ll be racing several triathlons of different distances during the 2014 season in and around the Northern California area. Perhaps even outside of that depending on schedules. There will be several 1/2 IM distance races, some shorter ones and maybe, just maybe a full IM distance race also.

I am in my off-season mode right now and have been for basically all of December. I intend to continue that for the rest of the year. Off-season for me means that I am basically not training at all. It’s hard mentally to not train at all when your normal state is to train almost every day. So I really have to work hard to block out my thoughts about heading out for a run or going for a quick bike ride. I think it’s a good experience to not train, it’ll give my body some time to recover properly and it will make it more fun when I pick it back up again. Now when joining Team Zoot I cant wait to get started with next year’s season. Let 2013 be over and 2014 begin so I can head out running, biking and swimming again!


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