New 1/2 IronMan PR!!

My goal was to beat 5 hours 30 minutes. I didn’t manage that but thats ok. Ive had a cold for most of the past week and want feeling 100% this morning. I also forgot my running shoes at home and had to go out late last night to buy a new pair. The store didn’t have my model, they didn’t even carry the brand I use so I had to go with something completely different. Anyone that runs on a regular basis and have done a few races knows what a bad idea it is to run a race in completely new shoes. However I had no choice and it went ok anyways. I got ankle, knee and hip pain during the run and some blisters but the last part of the run is pretty painful no matter what shoes you wear so it was business as usual in a way.

So my previous best 1/2 IronMan time was 5:56:55. I improved that with over 25 minutes. My new PR is 5:31:03. So for anyone that followed the 1/2 IronMan World Championships in Las Vegas today. My time was about1 hour slower than my fellow countrywoman Lisa Nordén.






Asics GEL-Noosa Tri 8

Asics GEL-Noosa Tri 8


3 thoughts on “New 1/2 IronMan PR!!

  1. Eva Iggbom says:


  2. taube80 says:

    Great performance although you just missed your goal. Impressive time anyway, what was the splits?
    And how was the Noosa Tri? I think Aasics got a little too much stuff around the heel and is also awfully expensive but the Noosa series is pretty cool.

    • iggbom says:

      Not sure on exact times for the splits yet as the official results are not yet up. But something close to this

      Swim 31 min
      T1 6 min (0.4 mile run from the water to transition area)
      Bike 2 h 50 min
      T2 2 min
      Run 2 h 2 min

      I liked the Noosa Tri. I knew from before that they could be a good race alternative to my Mizuno Inspire. Neither of them are exactly minimalist shoes but I’ve used the Mizuno Inspire for 6 years and gone through about 30 pairs and haven’t had any issues (until recently but not sure its related to the shoes). The Noosa Tri was for the most part pretty comfortable. For being brand new shoes that I had never ran one step in before and then run a 1/2 marathon in them I’d say they worked out really well.

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