Sub 5h30min half IronMan

That’s the goal for the A race that’s coming up early September, Big Kahuna 70.3 in Santa Cruz. I did the same race in 2011 and finished in 5h56min. So going under 5h30min is aggressive. But I do have 2 years of training to fall back on and I have an engine that is much stronger now. On top of that I have a chassis that is about 25 lbs (11 kg) lighter today.

Training has been good the last few weeks. I am basically fully recovers from the MTB crash. Have been able to swim now that my arm is healed up. I did however have a bit of a setback last week with some serious lower back pain. It’s gone now and the 8 mile run this morning felt great. So now there will be a few weeks of some intense training and I probably need to start focus on speed a bit. Going to Sweden in a few weeks and the timing for that is not optimal from a race preparation perspective. Won’t be able to bike at all while there so there will be lots of focus on swimming and running.

Also got some good news today. Seems like insurance is basically covering all of the cost related to the MTB crash aftermath. That’s good as the total bill was ~$40,000.

Tomorrow I’ll be following IronMan Zürich and remotely cheering on my buddy Johan that’s doing his first full IM.


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