The road to recovery

I’ve been slowly recovering after my crash. Started biking on a bike/walk path with no cars. This week was the first week I was back in the saddle for real. Since I couldn’t bike all that much I have switched focus to running instead. managed to squeeze in a 13.1 mile run in 1h59m last week without too much effort, thats a good sign. 

In the crash I mostly hit the left side of my body, however I have up until now had a lot of pain in my right arm. It got a lot better over the weekend so I think it should be fit for fight in a few days. This problem has prevented me from doing much swimming at all. That needs to change very soon as it’s my weakest segment.

It’s only Wednesday and I have managed to get over 8 hours of training in this week. Thats also good. Need to rest for a day now and then get back at it. Also need to buy a new MTB helmet so I can get back to the trails. 


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