Long and slow

Have been targeting somewhat long and slow training so far this year. There are definitely some elements of higher effort and max efforts involved in the MTB rides but for the most part it’s around 3 hour sessions. This seems to be giving results on a lot of different levels. I feel cardiovascularly  very fit right now even with cutting out all running from my training.

I’ve been slowing down my efforts in the pool somewhat to focus a bit more on technuiqe and then started to do some shorter max effort laps to slowly build speed. This also seem to work. I’m all-in-all faster over 1500 yd than I’ve ever been before.

In addition to feeling extremely fit I have also dropped 13.6 lbs (6.2 kg) since January 1st. The actual weight lost hasn’t really been a true purpose but is actually more an effect of the training in combination with tracking nutrition. I have been monitoring exactly what I eat for the most part of the year with close control on calories in and calories out.

On an average I have been working out 6 hours a week so about an hour a day with one rest day every week. Thats not a huge time commitment for health and fitness in my opinion.

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