There is a first time for everything

Kept myself busy and active this past weekend. Did a pretty hilly and at times pretty fast 40 mile bike ride on Saturday. I’ve done a lot of biking lately. Actually I have done over 11 hours of training per week lately. Thats more than I have been expecting and it hasn’t felt like all that much. Maybe because I’m just doing it because its fun and not because I have to.

Sunday I cranked it up even a bit more. Went on my first ever mountainbike ride. Legs where a bit tired from the ride on Saturday but hat is no excuse. I got to borrow a full suspension bike from a friend of a friend. Somewhat heavy bike apparently but I have nothing to compare with so I didn’t mind. We ended up covering 25 miles and almost 3,700 ft of elevation around the Redwood Regional Park in the East Bay. I knew it was going to be fun but it definitely exceeded my expectations. I would think it’s safe to say that I’m hooked. Now I just need to get a mountainbike. Oh, and I also ned to slightly recover from falling. I was going up a shorter steeper hill and the rear wheel started spinning out and I was too slow unclipping my shoes and fell to the side. Today my ribs on the left side feels a bit bruised. Most definitely nothing broken however.


It was a cloudy and cold morning on Sunday but the fog cleared out pretty fast.


After mountainbiking I went to Mission Cliffs in San Francisco and did another thing I have never done before, climbing. Took a belaying class and got to master all the knots. Then did a couple of easier climbs. My legs and arms were pretty spent at this point so I couldn’t go for that long but i am definitely looking forward to some more climbing in the future.



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One thought on “There is a first time for everything

  1. Eva says:

    Det är väll som du säger, allting blir roligare när man inte känner “tvånget” att träna, och
    så är det väll roligt att pröva och testa nya saker.

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