Berkeley fire trail run

went up to Berkeley for another hilly run on the Berkeley fire trail yesterday. I had a bit more time yesterday so I decided to explore a bit more than last time. I started off the same path as last time. Up up up and some up and then the steep hill. Nothing surprising as this was the same as last time. However then I reached a fork and I decided to go with the trail that look tougher, meaning more up. I actually ended up doing the same 4 times over. Every time I reach a fork on the trail I went with the path that looked like it was going up. This resulted in a 1300ft elevation gain over about 3 miles. Needless to say, it was a very tough workout.

In addition to the climbing it was also around 90F. I was wearing my Vibram Fivefingers and the ground was so hot that it started burning through my shoes. I had to quickly stop at a few places to stand in the shade for a while so my feet could cool down.

Also, when I reached the top I ran out of water.

I manged to snap a few pictures along the way and realized by living here in California is so awesome. This run is a about a 10-15 min drive from the house!

Panoramic view of the bay

Panoramic view of the bay

Fork in the road

When trail running, if you hit a fork in the road, always choose the path that looks tougher!

Views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate

Views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate


The entire trail wasn’t rocky like this but there were some patches. This did not feel good running on with Fivefinger shoes.

Chocolate Zucchini bread

Chocolate Zucchini bread. Delicious reward after a hard workout.

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2 thoughts on “Berkeley fire trail run

  1. Eva says:

    Förstår dig, du har en otrolig fin miljö att träna i och så enormt vackra vyer. Väldigt fina bilder.

  2. Eva says:

    Ps. det där brödet måste jag få smaka någon gång. Ds

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