Recovering from a cold

Right after the longer bike ride last Friday I started getting a sore throat. This got worse on Saturday and needless to say I didn’t make it out for a long run. I was supposed to get around 20-22 miles or so in this weekend.
I did however feel ok on Sunday but not great. Managed to muster enough energy for a 13 mile hike with some friends. Had to spend most of Monday on the couch to recover from that however.
Wasn’t really ready for any training on Tuesday either. That made for 4 days straight of no training. This hasn’t happened since the second week of January.
I felt better on Wednesday so I decided to do an easy 6-8 mile run. I got about 0.8 miles in to it when my right quad completely cramped up. Had to stop and stretch and then slowly walk home. Big fail and I have no explanation for it. This has happened in the past also but have mostly been cramping calfs. It is strange that it frequently happens after I haven’t worked out in several days. Anyone have any ideas? Anyways, I made it back and took it easy for a couple of hours and then went out for a 26 mile bike ride. No cramp. Fast ride. Lungs felt pretty good but my legs felt a bit sluggish.
Need to get some serious training done the rest of the week and over the weekend. Hopefully no more cramping.

Soon time for tapering!

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