A VERY big weekend

I got back from Sweden late last week and have had a bit of a jetlag. Managed to get a 2k swim done on Friday. I woke up before 5 am on Saturday morning. Decided to go out early for the long run and was done with the 20 miles before 9 am.
Had the luxury to have some friends that was going for a long bike ride on Sunday. Only issue in my world was that my longest ride at this point had been 80 miles. The planned ride this day was 112 miles. Big step up. But why not. Legs were pretty sore from the run when I got up around 6 am. The weather was perfect in the morning. We did a 56 mile loop twice so we could come back to the cars and re-fuel. The first loop was ok. Not that hot. However temperatures got up to around 90F during the second loop. Ran out of water and started hurting pretty bad. Stopped at a gas station to get some water with only 10 miles left. Felt like I new person after that and pushed the last 10 pretty fast. Oh yeah, finished it off with a 1 mile run.

Only a few more weeks to go now with high volume training and then it’s time for tapering.


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One thought on “A VERY big weekend

  1. Eva says:

    Ja det närmar sig fort nu, tur att du börjat nertrappningen innan vi kommer.

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