Lots of miles this weekend

Did a flat 80 mile bike ride on Friday. This ride was basically the definition of boring. I have a 25-ish mile stretch that is do sometimes for easy bike workouts. Yeah, I did that route back and forth several times to build up to 80 miles. Boring but great. Nice to not have to deal with the extreme hills that are pretty much always a part of my bike rides.

Later on Friday a friend, Johan, visiting from Sweden arrived. We went to Sports Basement in the Presidio on Saturday and decided to run over the Golden Gate and back. Nice 6 miler but we had to wrestle with the tourist crowd for much of the run.

On Sunday Johan and I had trail running on the schedule. We had been talking about doing Angel Island but due to the crappy ferry schedule we changed our minds and went to Redwood Regional Park in the East Bay instead. Lots of really nice trails to run here and we managed to cover about 13.5 miles of them. This included all of the 2,500 ft of elevation also. Pretty brutal. It was also hot, really hot and we ran out of water at the end. All in all really nice run and I’m definitely going back there for more trail running.


Thanks to Johan for a great weekend and for the pictures. Good luck next weekend!


Golden Gate Run

Golden Gate Run – Easy run, lots of tourist everywhere

Redwood Regional Park Trail Run

Redwood Regional Park Trail Run – Hilly, about 2,500 ft of elevation.


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