That steep hill is not so steep anymore

I bike from home up to the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley on a regular basis. It’s somewhat of a go-to short bike ride. The first time I tried I had to stop 3 times. Completely exhausted, legs burning with lactic acid buildup and lungs working hard trying to suck down air to feed the muscles.

This was back when i thought I was in pretty good shape, I was running a lot and running marathons after all.

I have since been able to go all the way up to the top without stopping. However it has never really been easy.

Yesterday I didn’t have that much time for a ride so I decided to go up to the top (it’s about 10 miles). It dawned on me that the once so steep and really tough hill is not that tough anymore. I got up to the top and back down in about 5 minutes faster than I did a few months ago. In addition to that I just ran 18 miles 2 days earlier and I felt like I could have kept going.

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