A shout out for the support this past weekend

I want to thank for the support during the race this weekend. Given how small the race was (~100 people) it was awesome to have people cheer me (and others) on throighout the race. It really helps mentally and give you somehwta of an extra push. However I know that doesnt always show, at least not on my part. I am pretty much always really focused when I am on my way in to the transition area so I might look like I am not noticing people around that are cheering. That’s absolutely not the case, I do take not and I am expremely happy for it.

The people cheering this past weekend also happen to to a triathlon race on Saturday, the day before my race. So big congratulations to them. Big achievement and really fun to watch them. Some did their first triathlon ever but maybe (hopefully) not the last.

Also, the medal handed out for this race is probably the worst one that I have ever seen. I have participated in a lot of races, triathlons and running races and this is hands down the crappiest medal that I have ever seen.

Teri, Brent, Shy and my lovely wife all finished the HITS Napa Valley Sprint Triathlon on Saturday. Great job guys!!

Brent, Shy, Teri, Brandon and my wife (taking the picture) were all helping with a lot of energy during my race.

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