HITS Napa Valley Triathlon (70.3)

6:13:35 ended up being my time for this past weekends 70.3 ( 1/2 IronMan ) race.

Swim 0:45:09
T1 0:03:36
Bike 3:21:13
T2 0:01:10
Run 2:02:20

The water was cold, 53F (11.7C). I had a pretty terrible swim. It’s been a long time since I did open water swimming. My sighting technique was terrible and I swam all over the place. Wasn’t terribly tired when I finished the swim so that’s a good sign or the full IM swim. Finished the swim at 57/97.

Out of the water I felt pretty good. Wasn’t that fast in T1. Got som cramps in my calfs when trying to pull the wetsuit off. That made the short run in bike shoes a bit of a challenge.

On to the bike. Spent the first few miles adjusting and getting everything in order. Had packed up my jersey with everything I needed so started putting arm warmers and bike gloves on. Drank some water but held off from any other nutrition in the beginning. It was cold, really cold. The sun wasn’t out so the air temperature was on the colder side and being wet from the swim didn’t help. My feet was completely numb and I didn’t regain any form of sensation again until about 50 miles in to the bike.
At least the rest of me got a chance to warm up. The bike course was petty hilly. It started early on and continued. At about mile 31 the real climb started. From about 300 ft of elevation the next 7 miles brought us up to 1900 ft. There were more hills but this was definitely the toughest one.
I made up some time on the bike and ended up being 37/97.

My legs were pretty beat up after the bike ride but I could at least feel my feet. I was pretty fast in T2. Just changed shoes, dropped helmet and put a visor on.
The run was an out an back. Pretty boring and really hot. I think it end up being around 85F during the run. They had plenty of aid stations out. Was close to cramping during the run so I took it a bit on the easy side for the first 6 miles. At the halfway point I drank some coke and started feeling better. Then grabbed coke and water at every aid station after that.
Ended up being 50/97 for the run.

All in all finished 41/97. I know a few things I need to improve on but as a whole I’m pretty happy with the race.

Rested on Monday but I’m back at it today. Did a 1 mile easy swim today and we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Sporting a double swim cap because of the cold water

Swim start

Game face

Cold in T1

Just heading out on a little bike ride

Heading in to T2 after a tiring bike ride

Hydrating as I head out for the 13.1 mile run

Crossing the finish line as 41/97

The cold water felt really good after. Joined by Becky & Ryan that also did the race

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One thought on “HITS Napa Valley Triathlon (70.3)

  1. Taube says:

    Great job!!
    Soon training camp in SF, can’t wait 🙂

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