Morning run in Central Park

Changed my return flight to include a stop over in NYC for meetings. Arrived Monday and ended up sleeping most of the day. Haven’t bee feeling all that great since Sunday. Not sure why. Have some stomach ace and a feeling of being really full all the time. So I slept most of the aftrenoon on Monday and later in the evening managed to get up to grab some food to bring back to the room. Then went to bed early.

Didn’t really feel great this morning either. Had a sore throat also when I woke up so might be some kind of cold or something. Anyways after being awake for a while I felt better and headed out for a morning run in Central Park. Had no real goal for distance or time, just kept running. Ended up being about 8 miles. Grabbed breakfast at Starbucks on the way back and now preparing for meetings the rest of the day.

I really like running in Central Park in the mornings. Like that its closed of for traffic until 8, makes it really peaceful. Lots of people both running and biking and the weather this morning was really nice. Maybe a bit cold for the running gear I had packed but still ok.




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