Working (out) hard on the road

I have been working out of Sweden this week. Had a 2 day break after the 1/2 marathon on Sunday. Traveled all of Monday and arrived in Sweden on Tuesday morning. Headed straight to the office and worked all day. Crashed early that night so no time work out.
I have been waking up early every morning thanks to jet-lag. So have been on the trainer at 6 am in the mornings and have been going for 90 minutes. The gym at the hotel is not great but ok. There is at least a tv to watch to make it less painful.
I have also during this trip discovered Centralbadet in Uppsala. It’s a gym with a really nice pool. Probably the best pool I’ve ever swam in. So have managed to squeeze in 1500m every lunch break the last 3 days also.
I’m spending the weekend in Stockholm and today Saturday I planned to run but the weather is crap so I’ll probably push that out to tomorrow.
I also had a change in my travel plans. Instead of flying home on Monday I will be going to New York. Got a meeting there and will fly home Wednesday. That messes up some training plans but I guess that’s life.

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