Garmin – Possibly the best customer service in the world

I wiped out on my bike last year, read more about that here.

Cracked glass

Cracked glass

In that crash I managed to break the glass of my Garmin Forerunner XT310. I have since never swam with the watch as I know its not waterproof anymore. I have done a few runs in the rain and the glass fogs up on the inside so I know its leaking. Besides leaking everything is ok with it so i have used it on numerours runs and rides after the crash.

In an effort to get in to the ride mind set for the IM training I have recently been reading the book “You are an IronMan” by Jacques Steinberg. In the book one of the characters wipes out on a bike ride and cracks the glass of his Garmin watch. He then mentiones how he was able to send it back to Garmin and get a new one for $99.

So after reading this I thought to myself that there might be a tiny chance that I’d be able to do the same thing. So I emailed them. Basically explained what happened and got a reply 3 days later. They told me to call their customer services to set up an RMA so I did. While on the phone with them they started asking what happened and I explained the story again. They felt really sorry for me and said that they would cut the cost of $99 in half. So now I am shipping my broken Forerunner XT310 back to Garmin, they will charge me $50, withing 7-10 days they will send me a new watch (value ~$400). The watch is almost 2 years old and its obviously not under warranty.

This is what I would call excellent customer service!!

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One thought on “Garmin – Possibly the best customer service in the world

  1. Beth says:

    Garmin really is amazing with their service! It must be nice to have a fully functional watch again!

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